Verwood U3A Digital Camera Forum
SUBMITTING PHOTOGRAPHS FOR THE GALLERY Members of the forum are encouraged to submit photographs for inclusion in the site gallery. Pictures should represent the best work of the photographer and can be submitted by any group member regardless of experience. Photographs will not be assigned any mark and the gallery will not be considered as a competetive display. Photographs will be considered for inclusion by members of the group. Constructive feedback will be given to submitters of photographs. The gallery will be restricted to 25 pictures. New submissions will replace older submissions when there are too many pictures. Pictures will be replaced on the basis of the oldest first. Pictures will be displayed anonymously The pictures must be: o jpeg format o Maximum of 96dpi o Maximum of 3mb file size o General good quality o Sharp o Acceptable contrast o Well composed To submit a photograph for consideration: o email the picture as an attachment to o include the exposure details and equipment details together with a title if you wish and your own details (personal details will not be published ) The photographer will retain copyright of their submissions
Contact: or call Peter on 01202 824435 (BT Call Guardian in operation)